‘You Are Gold’ Campaign Launched To Allure Youth Towards Gold Jewellery

‘You Are Gold’ Campaign Launched To Allure Youth Towards Gold Jewellery

The World Gold Council today unveiled a multi-media campaign in partnership with Gem & Jewellery Export Promotion Council (GJEPC) to increase awareness, relevance and adoption of gold jewellery amongst young Indian consumers. The integrated campaign that will be rolled out in two phases through 2021, aims to attract millennials and gen-Z by building a meaningful context of the role of gold jewellery in their contemporary expressions.

Deriving from insights that indicate an opportunity to increase resonance for gold amongst the youth in the country, the ‘You are gold’ campaign aims to evoke emotions and creative self-expressions through heart-warming stories of celebratory moments. The campaign attempts to ingrain gold in the millennial culture through relevant stories that revolve around relationships and milestones that deserve to be cherished with gold. The essence of the campaign – every moment that makes you, YOU, deserves to be celebrated with gold – is captured effectively with the phrase ‘You are gold’. The campaign infuses a modern meaning in the classic narrative of gold, creating a new age culture that respects and embraces tradition but reinterprets it in contemporary ways – akin to the true millennial approach. The first burst of campaign will span for six weeks, followed by a second burst in October-November, coinciding with the festive period.

Source: gjepc


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