Ariel Tivon – launches podcast about the behind-the-scenes world of the gem, diamond & Jewellery Industries

Tivon Fine Jewellery

Ariel Tivon, the owner of Tivon Fine Jewellery which is a UK-based jewellery brand and award-winning designer, has launched a one-of-a-kind podcast aimed at bringing gems and jewellery into a positive light as well as providing gem and jewellery education to the greater public.

Entitled ‘Gems & Jokes’, the podcast is an informative yet informal take on the world of gems and jewellery, listening to some great behind-the-scenes stories of the industry and bringing some interesting facts to light. Ariel leaves no topics uncovered – everything from ethical issues surrounding the gems industry to delving into the mind of millennials and finding out whether current marketing trends is winning them over. He also delves into many topics surrounding gems, their sourcing, and what current trends are.


“The idea initially began as a way to change the narrative about the gems and jewellery industries. I felt that in the past decade or two, too much focus was being given to questioning the ethics of our industry. It was either all talk of ‘blood diamonds’ or constant glamourisation of jewellery heists. I wanted to change the narrative and focus on the positive side of our industries as there is so much good. You get to hear personal stories and best of all you get them straight from the proverbial horse’s mouth,” says Ariel Tivon. “I’ve always loved talking to people and I wanted to ask questions that interested me and that I knew would interest many others. These are stories the public would never hear about and could never learn about under normal circumstances. I felt the public and equally the jewellery and gems industries would benefit from hearing these stories.”

With a variety of international guests from around the world, which include veterans of the respective industries, acclaimed and award-winning designers, and even one of the contestants of the current BBC2’s ‘All that Glitters’, the podcast aims to give true variety, entertainment and informative knowledge as to what the gems & jewellery industry is really like.

The podcast will also look to raise awareness for certain charities and aid in raising funds for those charities. The podcast is hosted on all major platforms with new episodes launching every two to three weeks.


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