Tribe Amrapali & Masaba Gupta team up to launch a collaborative Jewellery Collection ‘Ghana Ghana’

Amrapali & Masaba Gupta team up to launch a collaborative Jewellery Collection ‘Ghana Ghana’

Known to be a purveyor of taste in modern statement jewellery, the youth-focused arm of Amrapali Jaipur, Tribe Amrapali has collaborated with internationally acclaimed Indian designer Masaba Gupta to release a line of everyday, contemporary jewellery. The collection will be available at Tribe Amrapali.

The collection will feature chunky necklaces, layered neckpieces, oversized tiered necklaces, statement tasselled earrings, small studs and rings available in classic gold-plated and silver. Infused with the creative flair of Masaba, Ghana Ghana is a collection that adds a playful vibe to an already existing joie de vivre of Tribe Amrapali jewellery. The collection brings a constellation of various sub-cultural motifs inspired from the Akan tribe such as turtles, crocodiles, tribal dolls, vases, pots, masks etc. along with Masaba’s signature motifs like palms, cameras, cows, candies to name a few. All the 200 pieces of this collection are

hand beaten to exude authentic raw tribal beauty. Talking about the collaboration, Akanksha Arora, Creative Director of Tribe Amrapali says, “It gives me immense pleasure to finally launch this collection which has been on the cards since the inception of the brand. Tribe Amrapali strikes a perfect balance with Masaba’s modern and high fashion clothing and our love for strong tribal style, especially the African sub-cultures, made this collection inevitable. It has gone through multiple samplings to achieve the desired features. With zero machine support in all the operations including jaali work, repousse (engraving), oxidization, wire work, and beadwork; we have been able to realize the collection that reflects the natural element and embraces African heritage inexactitude.”

“I have lived through the brand Amrapali Jaipur since my childhood along with my mother. So, there was no doubt to choose any other brand than Amrapali to launch my first-ever jewellery line. Tribe perfectly fits my brand essence and I personally love the idea of Tribe creating a visual repository of traditional sub-cultural aesthetics through its jewellery. All the pieces are light, versatile and wearable which makes this collection an anytime-anywhere jewellery line.” says Masaba Gupta.

She further adds, “One can pair it with their formal blouse, saree, cocktail dresses and even swimsuits making it a collection suitable for everyday wear to even a destination wedding. With the collection being accessible at an entry-level price point of INR 500, it gives a real breadth to the House of Masaba, allowing more brand enthusiasts to owe a piece from the brand.”

NewsSource: indianjeweller


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