The $7m Handbag that’s Saving Sea Life

The world’s most expensive handbag – a $7m creation made of alligator skin with over 130 carats of sapphires, diamonds and Paraiba tourmalines – is to fund the fight against ocean pollution.

Almost $1m from the sale of each bag will help rid them of discarded plastic harmful to sea life.
The Parva Mea ocean-inspired bags (pictured) take 1,000 hours to produce, and Italian luxury goods firm Boarini Milanesi says it is making only three of them.
The bags feature 10 white gold butterflies, four decorated with diamonds and three with sapphires and rare Paraiba tourmalines, totallng over 130 carats, as well as a diamond pave clasp. 
The company’s co-founder Matteo Rodolfo Milanesi said the handbags were a tribute to his late father – who used to fish out plastic bags and bottles the were polluting the sea.


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