The $35,000 Haribo Engagement Ring

The $35,000 Haribo Engagement Ring
the engagement ring with (inset) a Haribo friendship ring
A British jeweler has created a sapphire and ruby engagement ring that looks just like Haribo’s gummi candy.
It’s based on the edible friendship ring, a kids’ favorite, although at $35,000 it’s about 1.25m times the price.
London-based Taylor and Hart launched the ring in time for Valentine’s Day. They said the statement piece “harks back to an age of fun, play and being home in time for tea before the street lights come on”.
The ring features a 2.70-carat cabochon yellow sapphire a band of 224 custom cut rubies (total weight 3.60-carat) and 40 yellow diamonds set in an 18-carat rose gold band.
Company spokeswoman Kate Earlam-Charnley, said: “This ring is one of the most ambitious we’ve ever created and definitely one of the most original.”


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