Sacre Bleu! Is Tiffany & Co Really Going Yellow?

Sacre Bleu! Is Tiffany & Co Really Going Yellow?
Tiffany & Co fooled some of its Instagram followers when it revealed it was introducing a bright shade of yellow as its new house color, to replace the iconic robin-egg blue.
The 1 April post, simply showing a yellow box (pictured) and the message “tiffanyandco Introducing our new House color. #TiffanyYellow #TiffanyAndCo”, attracted over 420,000 likes.  It was, of course, an April’s Fool prank.
Tiffany sets great store by its particular shade of blue – Pantone 1837 (named after the year the company was founded) – and had it trademarked in 1998.
AdWeek, the brand marketing bible, once described the Tiffany blue box as “very possibly the most recognizable and most desired retail container in history.”


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