Record Price: Tiffany & Co Unveils “$30m World’s Fair Necklace”

Tiffany & Co Unveils
Pic courtesy Tifany & Co

Tiffany & Co. has unveiled the most expensive piece of jewelry in its history – a modern take on its iconic 1939 World’s Fair Necklace.

The new necklace, announced in January, went on display yesterday at a Tiffany event in Dubai, United Arab Emirates, according to the Women’s Wear Daily fashion bible WWD.

It features a total of 578 diamonds, with a total weight of 180 carats, and at is center is an 80-carat oval shape, D-color, IF-clarity gem called The Empire Diamond, which can readily be removed and mounted on a ring.

Experts say the platinum piece, which is available to buy, is worth $20m to $30m, according to WWD.

Tiffany archivists unearthed a sketch for the original necklace, an American Art Deco highlight of the 1939 World’s Fair in New York set with an aquamarine stone weighing over 200 carats and 429 diamonds. It was priced at $28,000 (or about $557,000 by today’s value).


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