Rapper Spends $1.6m on Diamond Teeth

Rapper Spends $1.6m on Diamond Teeth
Pic from Thomas Connelly's Instagram

American rapper Post Malone has spent $1.6m having a pair of “diamond teeth” fitted.

He had 12 carats specially cut to fit between existing teeth and replace his upper canines.

Twenty-five-year-old Post Malone – real name Austin Richard Post – has 77 tattoos on his face and elsewhere, and has amassed an estimated net worth of $30m since his debut album Stoney in 2016.

His dentist, Beverly Hills based Thomas Connelly, worked with Malone for 18 months on the project and faced practical challenges.

“It’s very difficult to cut holes in diamonds without destroying them,” he told Rolling Stone magazine. He also fitted Malone with porcelain veneers fitted.

In February fellow US rapper Lil Uzi Vert, 26, had an 10-plus carat natural pink diamond, worth $24m, embedded in his forehead. Recent photos indicate he’s since had it removed.


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