Parrot Swallows 21 Diamonds from Owner’s Necklace

Parrot Swallows 21 Diamonds from Owner's Necklace
Pics courtesy Animal Space Hospital and Facebook

A pet parrot underwent emergency surgery after swallowing its owners diamond necklace.

Vets recovered 21 gems, each weighing 0.2-cts from the bird’s stomach. It had pecked them one by one from the necklace.

The parrot, an eight-month-old sun parakeet from Bangkok, Thailand, called Frosty, was attracted to the glitter of the diamonds in the owner’s jewelry box.

The owner realized something was wrong when the bird lost its appetite and looked weak.

Vet Dr Kuntita Paveenasakorn, who treated Frosty at the Animal Space Hospital, Bangkok, said: “This kind of bird is attracted to things that glitter. We see this kind of situation a lot but this case was strange because the parrot ate lots of valuable diamonds.”

Frosty is said to be recovering well and is due to be discharged soon.

The sharp-edged diamonds could have severely damaged the birds internal organs.


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