Pandora unveils innovative bracelet concept

Pandora unveils innovative bracelet concept

Pandora is introducing a new bracelet concept that veers away from its traditional charm designs. Flatter and sleeker in shape, Pandora Reflexions celebrates individuality, in line with the company’s goal towards product innovation.

The bracelets are available in sterling silver, Pandora rose (copper and silver) and Pandora shine (silver and 18-karat gold plating). They come in a flexible mesh-style, and can be matched with clip-on interchangeable and customisable charms, depending on customer preference. The charms have built-in silicone grips that keep them in place.

Stephen Fairchild, chief creative officer at Pandora, commented, “We expect the clean and timeless look of the bracelet to attract customers seeking this particular fashion trend that has been emerging recently.”

Pandora Reflexions, the first new charm bracelet concept that the company launched in five years, utilises a number of technological advances, including new plating techniques. The company will launch around 60 Reflexions products throughout the year.

A cornerstone in Pandora’s five-year strategy is to innovate its product offerings across all jewellery categories by reinventing existing platforms and introducing new concepts, according to the company.

Pandora Reflexions is the company’s second new concept introduced in 2018, following the March launch of Pandora Shine – a collection of 18-karat gold-plated jewellery.

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