Out of this World: Jeweler Launches “Space Diamonds”

Out of this World - Jeweler Launches Space Diamonds
One of the pieces advertised online

A US jeweler is to sell diamonds that have been sent into space.

Dianna Rae Jewelry has arranged with NASA for a first-ever batch of mined and lab grown gems to be included in a mission to the International Space Station early next summer.

Buyers can reserve their stones before the flight, and will receive them in pieces of jewlery or loose on their return.

The diamonds will be numbered, laser engraved and documented by the American Gem Society Laboratory as having been in space.

Dianna Rae, based in Lafayette, Louisiana, says prices will range from $745 to $2m.

One of the pieces advertised online is a simple gold band with a 0.10-ct lab-grown diamond that will have been in space (of SI2 clarity and G-H color or better) and two smaller stones that won’t, priced at $2,745.


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