“It’s not just words,” affirms Penelope Cruz as she backs Swarovski’s sustainability efforts

“It’s not just words,” affirms Penelope Cruz as she backs Swarovski’s sustainability efforts

To celebrate the launch of Atelier Swarovski’s latest collection with Spanish actress Penelope Cruz, the press were invited to meet with the brand ambassador to discuss the range and conscious luxury.

Penelope Cruz partnered with the brand last year to launch its first fine jewellery collection crafted in Fairtrade gold and created stones.

Affirming the company’s commitment to conscious luxury, the collection with the Spanish actress and model puts sustainability center stage, and while some companies can be accused of talking the talk but not walking the walk, this is far from the truth for Atelier Swarovski.

Penelope Cruz tells Professional Jeweller: “I feel like I am very lucky and privileged to be part of this project because what Nadja Swarovski says, she practices, it is not just words, she strives towards sustainability every day in her life and I am very proud to be sitting next to her.

“I have been learning a lot from her. She is very inspiring. It’s not just about the collection and the design, what I value the most is what I am learning, especially from Nadja Swarovski, about sustainability and different ways of doing things. What she is doing is very inspiring and she is challenging other brands to do the same.”

Cruz says she had heard of created diamonds before Swarovski approached her, but has since been an educational journey of understanding the benefits further and how sustainable practices in jewellery can make a big difference.

When asked if she has seen a shift towards other stars supporting conscious luxury, Cruz responds: “I think we all think more about it and we are more aware of how everything can make a difference. For instance the plastic situation, we are aware that is a disaster and we all want and can do something in our work and environment to help change that.”

She continues: “People have asked me, does this mean you will only wear created stones for the rest of your life? No, it doesn’t. But I am more aware now. It’s about helping people and motivating people to think about it. The language around created diamonds can be very ambiguous, so we also want to help change that. And the great thing about a brand like Swarovski is you know you can trust them. If they say it is ethical, customers know it really is.”

Executive board member, Nadja Swarovski, adds: “To top off Swarovski’s efforts in sustainability we’ve stepped into the fine jewellery arena and we are so honored to have Penelope collaborate with us. We hope our communications will express our values and what we feel should become the new norm.

“We are trying to demonstrate that luxury and sustainability can go hand in hand. In the past, there was such a perception that these two don’t, that the two cannot coincide, but actually we are really trying to demonstrate the opposite.

The latest collection from Penelope Cruz in collaboration with Atelier Swarovski launched into Harvey Nichols yesterday.

Cruz debuted the range on the red carpet at Cannes. Pieces have been inspired by classic Hollywood style.

NewsSource: ProfessionalJeweller


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