Indian Jeweler Wins Praise for Transgender Ad

Indian Jeweler Wins Praise for Transgender Ad

A ground-breaking jewelry ad that follows a young Indian boy as he transitions to a woman, with his family’s support, has been widely praised.

Milestones in her journey are accompanied by gifts of jewelry from the anklets and earrings she receives as a child to a joyous wedding ceremony.

The one-minute 40-second video, entitled Pure as Love, is a marked departure from traditional heterosexual wedding narratives.

It was produced for Bhima Jewellers, a chain of 36 stores based in the southwestern state of Kerala, which said it wanted to “start a conversation”.

The video has attracted widespread praise online. One comment on Twitter reads: “Such sensitive and beautiful storytelling. This is truly a path-breaking and progressive take on jewellery ads.”

Navya Suhas, online operations head at Bhima, told the Indian Express: “Usually, if you look at jewellery ads, they focus on the bride and happy marriage.

“Hence, we wanted to make something centered around a trans person and start a conversation, because if we don’t start talking about it now, I don’t think we ever will.”


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