Gold Conference comes to New York in April

Gold Conference comes to New York in April

For the ninth year in a row, Initiatives in Art and Culture (IAC) has created a two-day gathering of experts and visionaries working across various fields related to gold. From journalists and jewelry designers to environmentalists and government regulators, an international gathering of those passionate about gold will discuss challenges the precious metal and its surrounding industries face today. Posted on April 4 and 5, 2019 “Gold: Legacy, Leadership, Luminescence” will be held at Bohemian National Hall in New York City.

Mark Hanna, Chief Marketing Officer, Richline Group, Inc. a Berkshire Hathaway Company, says “We often equate gold to wealth; the Gold Conference always has and always will provide the wealth of information important to gold…in every dimension from resource to responsible.”

Stephen Webster Founder and Creative Director for Stephen Webster will speak about his admiration for gold in a talk entitled “Goldstruck,” discussing his design process and career. From the manufacturing end, Ted Doudak, Founder and CEO of Riva Precision Manufacturing, will share his vision regarding the company’s new workspace, as a leader in fine jewelry product development. Chief Visionary Officer and Creative Director for Flourish and Thrive Academy, Tracy Matthews, will discuss how jewelry designers can stand out and find their voice and aesthetic in a saturated landscape.

Lisa Koenigsberg, President and Founder of Initiatives in Art and Culture, who established the Annual International Gold Conference nine years ago, observes, “Initiatives in Art and Culture is honored once again to bring together a ‘Who’s Who’ in the gold community—including makers, miners, retailers, journalists, financiers, regulators, and environmentalists—to focus on specific, contemporary challenges from mine to market and how we can best meet them. Approaches and solutions to these challenges are building blocks, and our collective attention to them can ensure that society’s use of gold is driven by respect for materials, craft, and authentic, artistic expression, and mindfulness for ethical sourcing and responsible practice.”

The panel titled “Washington Update” will consider regulations and legislation relating to gold. The panelists include Mark Hanna; Linus Drogs, Owner and President, Au Enterprises; Elizabeth Orlando, Economic Officer, Bureau of Economic Affairs, Office of Threat Finance and Countermeasures, US Department of State; Tiffany Stevens, President and CEO, JVC. The panel will be moderated by Andrea Hill, Owner, Hill Management Group, LLC.

With sustainability at the forefront, IAC has also assembled leaders to discuss sourcing in a panel called “Building Blocks for our Future: The Foundations of Ethical Sourcing, Transparency, and Responsible Practice.” Panelists include: Brad Brooks-Rubin, Managing Director, The Sentry/Enough Project; Lara Crampe, Pure Earth, Director, Community Outreach; Lara Koritzke, Initiative for Responsible Mining Assurance (IRMA); Joanne Lebert, Executive Director, IMPACT; Elizabeth Orlando; and Michael Peters, CEO, Trusted Gems & Founder, Panjshir Valley Emeralds, a Trusted Gems Company; the panel will be moderated by Rob Bates, Senior Editor, JCK.

NewsSource: idexonline


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