Gemfields highlights responsible sourcing

Gemfields highlights responsible sourcing

Gemfields has launched a global advertising campaign aimed at raising awareness of responsible sourcing in the coloured gemstone industry while promoting Zambian emeralds and Mozambique rubies.

According to the company, coloured gemstones should be mined and marketed by championing three key values – transparency, integrity and legitimacy. Through this campaign, Gemfields said it seeks to challenge itself and the sector by setting new benchmarks for responsible sourcing.

“We wanted to bring to life the many stories behind responsibly sourcing precious gemstones in Africa as there is far more to our business than industry-leading mining and geology,” explained Emily Dungey, group marketing and communications director. “The characters in the campaign allow us to build awareness of the many life-changing community projects we carry out, our pioneering quest for greater transparency across the industry and the support we provide for vital conservation work protecting Africa’s biodiversity. The campaign is a snapshot of who we are: It’s fun, unexpected and non-conformist, but also gives an insight into some of the ways in which Gemfields strives to leave a positive and lasting impact.”

Aptly named “Every Piece Unique,” the campaign highlights how each gemstone is distinctive, possessing its own personality and character, much like original pieces of art. The film continues the narrative of Gemfields’ “A Story in Every Gemstone” campaign, building a greater understanding of the vigour behind responsibly sourcing emeralds and rubies from their origins in Zambia and Mozambique.

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