Fancy Color Diamond Prices Fall Slightly in Q4 2020

Fancy Color Diamond Prices Fall Slightly in Q4 2020
Pic courtesy FCRF
 Prices of fancy color diamonds fell marginally for a second consecutive quarter says the Fancy Color Research Foundation (FCRF).
Blue gems were down year-on-year by 1.3 per cent, pinks 0.9 per cent and yellows 0.3 per cent in Q4 of 2020.
The New York-based FCRF) has produced was unable to produce figures for Q1 and Q2 of the year, because business was too slow to provide sufficient data. In Q3 they fell by 0.7 per cent overall.
Prices of pink diamonds overall were static in Q4 2020, with slight increases fancy and fancy intense categories.
Fancy blues showed overall increase of 0.2 per cent, with 1.5-carats and 5-carats increasing by 0.5 per cent.
Yellows in all saturations were stable, with the 3-carats segment increasing by 0.4 per cent. The fancy intense 5-carat segment increased by 0.8 per cent and the fancy vivid 3-carat segment rose by 0.7 per cent.
Eden Rachminov of the FRCF said: “Wholesalers and retailers alike had to overcome many logistical hurdles in order to finalize simple transactions, while demand for fancy color diamonds was solid.
“I expect 2021 to be a bullish year for yellows, their current price is relatively low and I think that a price increase is inevitable.”


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