Family Strife: Millionaire Loses Legal Fight with Children for 122 Gold Bars

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A retired businessman who sued his children for the return of 122 gold bars has lost his case.

Soemarto Sulistio, 87, a timber logging millionaire from Hong Kong, bought the 1kg bars jointly with his wife Soemiati in 1989.

Their relationship broke down in 2012 and he transferred full ownership to her in 2016, a court heard.

She died a year later and he discovered she’d left them to four of their five children – specifically excluding their son Rudy.

Mr Sulistio failed in his bid to challenge his late wife’s will, and went on to challenge the inheritance at the High Court in Singapore.

But a judge ruled there was “sufficient and compelling evidence” that he had gifted the gold bars to Madam Soemiati, according to a report in The Straits Times newspaper in Singapore.


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