Expert reveals 5 reasons you should be buying pre-owned jewellery in 2021

Expert reveals 5 reasons you should be buying pre-owned jewellery in 2021

Second-hand jewellery specialists H&T are encouraging more consumers to think about sustainability when buying jewellery.

The retailer has released a breakdown of the top reasons you should shop second hand and how to benefit the planet whilst doing so!

Sarah Buck, Expert from H&T comments “A lot of time, effort and environmental effort goes into making just one piece of jewellery – a process that can easily be forgotten by consumers. Buying pre-owned is a sustainable way to buy the products you love, all while thinking about the planet. If jewellery continues to be made on an intense level, this could be extremely dangerous to the environment. We have a number of stunning pieces available that are worth their weight and what’s more, they’re simply stunning”

Top 5 reasons to shop second-hand for jewellery

  1. You’re saving the planet, literally

The features of rings, earrings, necklaces and more are most often found around the world, meaning they need transporting to arrive at your doorstep. Pieces can be flown thousands of miles and go through different delivery stages before you get to wear them. Buying an already made piece eliminates this risk and starts your year off sustainably.

  1. You don’t contribute to a dangerous demand

All precious metals are mined from the earth, which has a huge impact on the environment. With a growing demand for jewellery pieces, this only intensifies the amount of work being undertaken worldwide. There is an extremely low amount of sustainable miners, and with many purchasing through wholesale you can never be 100% that a seemingly ethical piece is what it is. Buying a preloved item means you aren’t contributing to a dangerous demand.

  1. When you buy, it’s basically buying brand new

Pre-owned jewellery, when sold, goes through a rigorous cleaning process to make the piece sparkling new as though it’s just been crafted. So you get the full experience of buying a remarkable new piece of jewellery, without the remarkable price tag.

  1. You get to own a timeless piece

Choosing a preloved piece of jewellery means it already has a history. Stunning vintage and antique pieces are often a rarity to acquire, so taking the time to shop around can find you the piece of your dreams, which has probably seen more than you have.

  1. You get a high-value piece for a better price

It’s no secret that pre-owned jewellery is much more affordable than a newly created piece – but making the choice to buy second-hand doesn’t always affect the full value of the item. Any precious metals, stones or diamonds that feature in a statement piece don’t always lose their value in the market, so if you do come to end up selling on your jewellery, the piece may have retained most of its value as it matures with age. With many trends coming back into fashion, you could end up with a high-end on-trend piece that didn’t cost the earth, and may even be worth something in the future


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