Diamonds Sparkle in Nature-Inspired Designs

Diamonds Sparkle in Nature-Inspired Designs
Landers Radiance necklace in yellow, rose and white gold adorned with white and fancy colour diamonds and fancy yellow rough diamonds

Dazzling diamonds are at the heart of De Beers Jewellers’ latest high jewellery collection, which brings to life spectacular locations in the countries where De Beers mines its diamonds.

Inspired by remote and remarkable landscapes, the Reflections of Nature High Jewellery Collection comprises Okavango Grace, Motlatse Marvel, Namib Wonder, Landers Radiance and Ellesmere Treasure – five sets of 39 exceptional diamond-studded pieces.

Each creation features a juxtaposition of rough and polished diamonds, white and fancy colour stones, as well as a plethora of fancy shapes. The collection also conveys De Beers’ dedication to preserving the natural world for future generations.

“This is one aspect of Building Forever, our long-term commitment to improve people’s lives and protect the planet. One way this comes to life is through the De Beers Diamond Route, a series of rich and diverse sites dedicated to the conservation of natural resources, habitats and wildlife that covers 200,000 hectares of land across southern Africa,” the jeweller said.

Okavango Grace alludes to the tall, slender reeds that stud the waters of the Okavango Delta in Botswana, with rough and polished diamonds suspended in organic strands and set to move – mimicking the stalks swaying in the breeze. It offers a selection of rough diamonds in a colour scheme of green, pink, brownish pink, purple and grey that reflect the untamed character of the Okavango, contrasting with graduating round brilliant white diamonds, suggestive of water.

Motlatse Marvel meanwhile brings to mind South Africa’s Motlatse Canyon, known for its peaks and depths that create striking vistas, particularly during sunrise and sunset. Re-cut baguette diamonds set into sleek rows, represent the hard, resilient qualities of the canyon’s stone in contrast with softer, more feminine cuts such as cushion, round brilliant, marquise and pear shapes.

Repeated, rippling patterns that echo undulating dunes in the Namib desert in western Namibia is the inspiration behind Namib Wonder. The pieces feature round brilliant pavé conveying the texture of sand while rough diamonds express the desert’s magic and mystery.

Landers Reef in South Africa is an underwater wonderland teeming with colourful coral and tropical fish. This rare scenery is reinterpreted in Landers Radiance, which offers the largest mix of diamond cuts and colours. The round brilliant diamonds evoke the coral, while fancy colour diamonds represent the fish.

“There is a kaleidoscopic feel to the Ellesmere Treasure set, a symmetry reminiscent of snowflakes, with floral and branching motifs forming the patterns within,” De Beers said. “The set is created from white diamonds, inspired by the pristine wilderness of Ellesmere Island, each one hand-selected for its astonishing clarity. Round brilliant pavé diamonds have been chosen to convey the purity of ice.”

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