Diamond Panner ‘s Ghost Accuses his Killers

Diamond Panner 's Ghost Accuses his Killers
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Two friends of an illegal diamond panner in Zimbabwe have admitted murdering him 12 years ago – after being haunted by his “avenging spirit”.

They have finally revealed that Welldone Mutangabende was not crushed in a mineshaft collapsed in the Marange diamond fields, as it had appeared at the time.

John Muchinganwa and Willard Kushanya have now admitted staging the “accident” after killing him and stealing his diamonds, according to the Manica Post newspaper.

They apparently confessed because his avenging spirit is causing mental illnesses in their families.

The dead man’s spirit reportedly manifested on Muchinganwa’s sister, accusing the two of ruthlessly killing him.

A medium identified as Sheila said she had spoken to the late Welldone Mutangabende.

“When they found out that I had found some diamonds, they connived to murder me,” he is reported to have told her.

“I was already dead when they put my body in a shallow mine. They crushed my corpse with a rock. It was not for rituals, they wanted my diamonds.”

The case is due to be heard by Chief Marange’s court.


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