Cryptowatch: $76,000 Rolex NFT for Four Times a Real Rolex

Cryptowatch: $76,000 Rolex NFT for Four Times a Real Rolex
Rodex Daitona #0010

A digital artist is selling 3D animation NFTs of Rolex watches – for far more than the actual timepieces.

Jesus Calderon, from Chicago, USA, has created 1,000 “spoof” versions of famous watches, which he sells online to collectors for the cryptocurrency Ethereum (ETH).

He currently has a “Rodex Daitona #0010” – his version of the iconic Rolex Datyona – listed at 20 ETH, equivalent to just over $76,5000.

The cheapest Daytona listed on the Rolex website is around $18,000. Calderon also has a Rodex Bitmariner (Rolex Submariner), listed at 20 ETH.

Calderon, 29, a motion graphics designer, describes his collection of Generative Watches as “algorithmically generated, aesthetically curated, luxury time pieces”.

He told the Hodinkee watch website: “I thought people would love having awesome 3-D watches as a collectible, especially if they’re representative of their real-life counterparts.”

He is selling them on the OpenSea online marketplace for NFTs (non-fungible tokens). Prices start at 0.19ETH, around $700.


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