Car Engagement Rings – Made from Catalytic Converters

Car Engagement Rings - Made from Catalytic Converters
The Lamborghini, ring,

A British jeweler is crafting engagement rings for car-mad couples – made with precious metals from catalytic converters and inspired by the designs of favorite makes and models.

Edward Fleming, from London, has so far created rings that pay tribute to the Mini Cooper, the Lamborghini Huracan supercar and the more modest Ford Fiesta.

It’s a partnership with the UK website Scrap Car Comparison, which provides owners with scrap and salvage quotes.

The Lamborghini, ring, available in striking yellow and gleaming white, has a central diamond set in a replica of the Huracan’s distinctive exhaust tip design, surrounded by carbon fiber hexagonal detailing.

The Mini Cooper ring has red, white and blue stones, a design based on the car’s alloy wheels and Union Jack flag engravings around the band.

“We’ve partnered with Edward Fleming, engagement jeweler with over 15 years experience, who will work with customers to create a ring which really shows just how much you love your partner – and their love of cars, said Scrap Car Comparison.

“Materials from the catalytic converters found in scrapped car exhausts have been recycled and used in standard wedding and engagement rings, however our new service aims to take things one step further, with bespoke designs mirroring the aesthetics of any motor.”


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