Bucherer reveals why working with coloured diamonds is a different ball game

Bucherer reveals why working with coloured diamonds is a different ball game

According to Bucherer’s chief diamond buyer, working with coloured diamonds versus white (or colourless) stones is a different kettle of fish entirely.

The company has given an insight into the diamond buying and cutting process that shows just what sets coloured stones apart from their white counterparts.

The four Cs – cut, clarity, colour and carat – apply to both categories, but in different ways, the brand said.

Each of these parameters affect the value of the diamond and influence the overall effect of the gemstone.

According to Bucherer, colourless diamonds are almost impossible to differentiate from one another – especially when they are right next to one another and have identical descriptions.

Tobias Lanz, chief diamond buyer at Bucherer, said: “When it comes to fancy yellow diamonds, on the other hand, no two are alike, even if the parameters carat, clarity and cut are identical.”

This also affects the price: while for white, colourless diamonds, each of the four Cs is similarly weighted, the colour of fancy coloured diamonds determines the price. The master craftsmen who work with these stones take this into consideration.

“With colourless diamonds, the aim is to reflect as much light as possible. This is achieved through perfect proportions, symmetry and polish.” Colourful diamonds require a different approach. “For fancy coloured diamonds, the proportions need to be cut so that as much of the colour as possible remains in the stone. The more intense the colour, the more valuable the stone.”

The difference in the way the different types of diamonds are processed is so great that the diamond cutters require entirely different training. “We are really talking about two different professions”, explains Lanz. But the two diamond cutters do have one thing in common: “We strive to turn each raw diamond into the most valuable gemstone possible!”


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