Bookkeeper “Stole $2.8m” from Jeweler Julie Vos

Bookkeeper Stole $2.8m from Jeweler Julie Vos

The former bookkeeper at New York jewelry company Julie Vos has been charged with stealing over $2.8m to pay his American Express bills.

Francisco Lopez, 36, from Bayside, New York, was indicted with grand larceny in the first degree and criminal possession of stolen property in the first degree.

He is alleged to have made thousands of fraudulent transactions – “regularly but discreetly” – over a seven-year period, to fund the purchase of leisure and luxury items including travel, jewelry, clothing, and high-end automobiles.

Julie Vos founded her jewelry company in 2006. It specializes in the use of pearl and imported glass.

Manhattan District Attorney’s Office said in a press release: “Lopez’s systematic theft was uncovered in April 2021, when American Express asked Julie Vos about numerous transactions they observed from the Vos company accounts to pay for charges on Lopez’s personal American Express card.

“The Manhattan D.A.’s Office’s investigation ultimately revealed that, over the course of thousands of transfers, Lopez stole more than $2.8m dollars from Julie Vos.”


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