ALROSA Publishes Its First Consolidated ESG Databook


ALROSA publishes its ESG Databook which contains a wide range of information on ALROSA Group’s economic, environmental, social, governance and ethics performance.

Information openness and transparency are the enduring priorities of ALROSA’s operations. The Company strives to constantly improve the quality of information disclosure, including in such an important area as sustainable development.

Adopted in 2021, the ALROSA Group 2025 Sustainability Programme consolidated the Company’s approach to sustainability along with medium-term ambitions and key performance indicators under five strategic pillars: People, Health and Safety, Environment, Communities, Governance and Ethics. Guided by the comprehensive sustainability approach in all aspects of its operations, ALROSA has adopted the identified strategic priorities as a fundamental basis for its activities, as well as information disclosure in reporting and communication with stakeholders.

The ESG Databook has been developed as an integral part of the Programme and in addition to the 2020 Sustainability Report to become a single and comprehensive source of consolidated data on the key ESG indicators of ALROSA Group’s performance for 2015-2020, providing stakeholders with information presented in a structured manner and user-friendly format.

The ALROSA Group ESG Databook provides the Company’s performance data on material sustainability aspects themed under respective strategic pillars and includes economic and operational highlights, the key ESG ratings and indices scores as well as references to fundamental policies and reports. In order to ensure alignment with the world’s best practices and to better meet stakeholder needs the list of material topics and ESG performance indicators within the Databook scope has been built based on provisions of internationally accepted standards, in particular GRI Standards, WEF ESG Common Metrics and assessment criteria of the key ESG ratings and indices.

“In the ESG transformation era information transparency becomes a vital, even indispensable element of the new business reality. Recently, ALROSA Group has reached a qualitatively new level of sustainability management, including extending the Supervisory Board Strategic Planning Committee’s Terms of Reference and its renaming to the Strategy and Sustainability Committee, adopting the 2025 Sustainability Programme and Action Plan for its implementation. As part of its transition to a fundamentally improved approach to sustainable development the Company has focused its efforts on developing and implementing an effective ESG data disclosure model, and ensuring its alignment with the world’s leading standards and metrics. The publication of the ALROSA Group ESG Databook is the next major step towards delivering on the Company’s strategic priorities, which is expected to significantly contribute to improving the quality of sustainability reporting, increasing the transparency of the Company’s operations and building confidence among stakeholders”, commented Sergey Ivanov, ALROSA CEO – Chairman of the Executive Committee.

Looking forward, ALROSA will continuously update the ESG Databook ensuring that it serves as an effective external communication tool and a reliable source of comprehensive and up-to-date information on ALROSA Group’s sustainability performance.


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