Alexia Connellan’s Valentine’s Day Capsule Collection Features Magnificent Pink Jewels

Alexia Connellan Launches a New Valentine’s Day

New York, NY. February 2021- There is a magnitude associated with Valentine’s Day. The holiday’s significance endures alongside one’s love for others, a penchant for generosity, and an appreciation for all the long-lasting. Over the years, the gifting of fine jewelry has become a February 14th staple. During the pandemic, many have found love to be the cornerstone of balance and joy, and as Valentine’s Day approaches, Alexia Connellan has developed a capsule collection, featuring one-of-a-kind pieces in a variety of precious pink gemstones, to symbolize once-in-a-lifetime love.

The Toi et Moi ring’s namesakes are represented in the gemstones, a cushion pink and magenta spinel pair—two stones for two lovers. Its unique use of spinels, and graduated pink sapphire to white diamond melee band, are thoughtful graduation of color and individuality—emphasizing the harmony amongst the gems while celebrating the separate beauty of each. “I acquired these two gems at the same time and they always looked like a loving couple to me. Their colors and shapes complemented each other so well that I could not bear to split them up into two separate pieces of jewelry. I decided to put them together in the Toi et Moi ring and let these two soulmates remain together forever,” says Connellan.

Alexia Connellan Launches a New Valentine’s Day
Queen of Hearts Pendant by Alexia Connellan

For a regal look, Connellan’s talented jewelers handcrafted the Queen of Hearts Pendant, and the Princess of Hearts Pendant. The Queen of Hearts has a 1.03 ct. round unheated Burmese Ruby set in the center, surrounded by 2 cts. of heart-shaped diamonds, on a platinum chain. Similar in style and concept, the Princess of Hearts features a 1.3 ct. round unheated pink spinel, on an 18K pink gold chain, and is also surrounded by 2 cts. of heart-shaped diamonds.

Connellan says, “Pink is a color that looks flawless on every woman, and this capsule collection is the perfect gift to spark some joy in shades of pink, fuchsia, and red this Valentine’s Day. Make yourself or a special someone blush with delight!”

For the woman who loves earrings, Alexia Connellan has created distinguishable, and stunning works of art for the Valentine’s Day capsule collection. The Spiral Earrings add a modern twist on the pearl meets gemstones combination, glittering from all angles with graduated pink sapphire and diamond melee, as well as pairs of pink Akoya pearls and pink morganites. For something different, Connellan’s earrings offer an elegant twist on classic gemstones. The Hydrangea Earrings also mix pearls with pink gems, featuring 14 mm round south sea pearls with pink sapphire melee, set into 18K peach and pink gold.

Pink is a celebrated color for Valentine’s Day. Pink is a universal symbol for femininity, compassion, love, and romance. The pink gemstone jewelry created by Alexia Connellan offers once-in-a-lifetime luxury, for the rare love of a lifetime


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