​Fashion and beauty are tops for Amazon’s upcoming Prime Day says survey

​Fashion and beauty are tops for Amazon’s upcoming Prime Day says survey

How’s this for an eye-watering uptake? Research has shown 50% of all shoppers in the UK and the US will be participating in Amazon’s Prime Day (21-22 June). What’s more, 20% say they’ll also be shopping the event for the first time.

And it’s great news for fashion and beauty, which both topped the list of proposed purchases. That’s according to a survey of 21,480 UK and US consumers by Bazaarvoice’s Influenster in the lead up to the global sales event and what they’ll be expecting from participating brands.

Beauty products are top of mind for over half of respondents, with 52% looking to get discounts, followed by apparel (42%), houseware (40%), and electrics (39%). Meanwhile, 47% aren’t looking for any products in particular, but are going to see what’s on sale.

A quarter (23%) will decide on the day where they will be shopping, and the remaining quarter (24%) said they are planning to shop at a combination of retailers. Some 94% also said they’ll be shopping for themselves over Prime Day, with many looking to “treat themselves after a tough year”.

Meanwhile, 64% of respondents said they will purchase where the discount is greatest, regardless of the brand or retailer. When asked how much a product needs to be discounted to consider buying, 58% of respondents said that it will depend on what it is.

Also, 55% of respondents said that they have no fixed budget, and will decide how much they will spend when they see what’s on sale.

At a time when fake reviews have been a concern for the industry, as many brands rely on customer reviews to help inform purchases, it comes as some reassurance that 91% of respondents said they trust reviews on Amazon.

Of the 9% who do not trust the reviews on Amazon, 30% said that they will look at reviews on other sites and likely still purchase on Amazon.


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